• Melanie Reed Concierge, a division of Wisdom Light Retreat Center: 703.674.0474.

    I travel to you as your personal assistant for wellness, spiritual companionship, and concierge/task services.

    Please call with any questions or ask for a complimentary consultation about my assistance.


  • I've been hiding out, which is easy to do when you are in the diamond-producing bowels of humanity. But who doesn't love diamonds, humanity, and conscious hiding. It's the under-pressure part that I am challenged to accept, as a few more facets are cut in the exquisite I am gem.

    Virgo gems have a hard time not shining--not being productive--so I created some fun while I allow earth and humanity to refine me. I dig deep within to the radiant divine, and I use that infinite light to look, listen, and love. I've challenged myself to look another in the eye, especially while they are speaking, and remain silent. When my next thought comes, I let it pass and go back to listening and looking into their eyes. 

    I'm experiencing such peace with this practice, and the under-pressure feeling is more welcomed. Listening is not easy for most of us. The false self hates to be silent. The true self is curious. Grab the nearest person and have some fun, as I think we all crave relational intimacy. If you need a practice partner, connect with me. If you're local, I'll even buy the coffee. 



    What a deep connection with love this fascinating practice is. I have experienced you in this very way! You are probably the first person ever in my life to "listen" to me and "hear" me. I never realized that I needed that, but it is an incredible life changing moment to be validated and understood, FINALLY! I am in aw of your writing, and looking forward to your next post!! Look at you shinning where you are, beautiful, sparkly Diamond! Love Love Love you! Thank YOU for being YOU!

    Oh, thank you! It is also so much fun to see other sparkling gems not so much in the rough; but gems sometimes need to be dug up, soaked in some water, earth brushed off, and cracked open for the brilliance to be loosed and illuminated.