• Testimonials

  • "From the time I enter, Wisdom Light Retreat Center fills me with a sense of calm and serenity. Melanie has a gift for putting me at ease and allowing me to embrace the moment and the experience. I always leave feeling uplifted in body, mind and spirit!”


  • Melanie is a truly gifted master of her practice. What an honor to be treated and guided by her. It has been a life changing experience. A million times thank you!

    Suzanne S

  • Aviana was like a symphony where the body, mind, and spirit felt uplifted and united by a talented conductor leaving the host in an elevated state of transcendence.

    Kris, RN

  • Glad I finally heard of and tried Reiki. I feel refreshed and have less pain even though I have been suffering from diverticulitis for three days. Thank you for relieving some of this pain and I look forward to the continued improvements from today's treatment.

    Vicki K

  • I was diagnosed with shingles, and the doctor gave me a prescription good for 5 days. I took the medicine as prescribed and noticed that my shingles weren’t getting any better after those 5 days. So I decided to try a holistic approach to my condition and scheduled an appointment with Melanie. Upon arrival for my appointment, I found Melanie to be very courteous, professional, and caring. She took the time to listen to my questions and answered every one of them. She explained everything she was going to do and made sure I was comfortable. She then performed a Reiki session on me and I must say what a difference a day makes. She told me what I could expect to feel after the session but I had no idea that the very next day, my shingles were disappearing! In less than a week, all evidence of shingles was gone. I highly recommend Melanie’s services!


  • I first met Melanie Reed in 2002. There she sat across from me in a circle of first year Spiritual Direction students. As she told her story of what brought her to this program, there was a lightness about her, a gentle energy that drew me to her. Over the next 15 years, I would be graced by her insight, her patience and by her Agape love that defines her movement in this world. Countless times in our relationship, Melanie has been my dearest friend, my mentor, and my healer. I now know that it is the God in Melanie that reaches for and connects with the God in me. It is a true privilege to journey in this life with one of God's own.

    LB, Psychologist