• Melanie Reed Concierge, a division of Wisdom Light Retreat Center: 703.674.0474.

    I travel to you as your personal assistant for wellness, spiritual companionship, and concierge/task services.

    Please call with any questions or ask for a complimentary consultation about my assistance.


  • Classes

    What you will learn and experience in Reiki Level I
    -The history of Usui Reiki
    -A review of the body’s energy/chakra system
    -Energetic attunements bringing harmony to the mind-body-spirit
    -Practical guidance on how to incorporate Reiki into your life
    -Hand positions and practice for the healing of self and others
    -Ethical issues and boundaries in energy work
    What you will learn and experience in Reiki Level II
    -Second level energetic attunements
    -Become empowered with the Reiki symbols that help to open you
     to higher levels of awareness
    -Practical guidance on how to use the symbols
    -Send Reiki to the past, present, or future
    -Practice sending distant healing to others
    What you will learn and experience in Reiki Level III
    -The attunement process
    -Receive the master symbol, which stands alone and intensifies
     your other Reiki symbols
    -A deeper sense of oneness with yourself and others, wholeness, and a
     sense of completion
    -Discover that the master symbol enhances all qualities of Reiki
    -Your healing energy will vibrate at a higher level and flow more strongly
    -The master attunement will help you where needed in your own life
  • Overnight Retreat Available

    Overnight retreat space is available on a first come, first-served basis. Donation based, as you are able.

  • Mel's Meditations - Be exposed to different meditation techniques and find which one suits you best. You will be guided each month using breath awareness, centering prayer, mindfulness, or sacred words and mantras. 

    Into the Light Chakra Wisdom - Using Tori Hartman's Oracle Toolkit Workbook and Chakra Wisdom Cards available to purchase on amazon.com, learn how to use cards for transforming your life. This is a four-session class held once each month. 

    Holy Listening - Do you desire to listen beneath the noise to hear your soul's own voice and to receive wisdom of your higher self? We will use group tools for practicing presence from the contemplative traditions, share in our common connection--human and divine--while allowing for individual guidance. 

    Classes are also available at your home or business location with a minimum of 6 participants. Please call for availability or more information.