• The most important relationship to be rescued is the one you have with yourself. It truly begins here. Whether your former structures are no longer working for you or if you simply want a boost for the season you are in, choose a Seasonal Shift~Wellness Retreat. It's a great place to realize who you are, which is sometimes different than who you "think" you are.

    When synergistic parts work together, they accomplish more than each could alone. Experience intentional wellness and shifting that includes meditation, spiritual direction, Aviana Mindful Touch Therapy, and Reiki energy balancing or Integrated Energy Therapy (IET). This synergistic offering may assist in a transformational shift on any physical, spiritual, mental, or emotional level. It can be applied easily and safely to improve the quality of life for any individual in every stage of wellness, dis-ease, or disease including cancer, pain and extreme stress. Client remains fully clothed. 3.5 hours $288