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  • Melanie Reed, CRM

    I am Wisdom Light Retreat Center: Empowering One Light at a Time. My name is Melanie Reed, and my conscious journey began in 1999 when I sought out a meditation teacher to support a crisis point in my life. I had been raised in the Christian Church where I heard the message that Jesus loved me and I was a special creation of God.

    That message was a stark contrast to the actual life I experienced. The Trinity gave me objective value on the outside, while I felt worthless on the inside. Hope and trust were enough until 1999. My structures were crumbling, and my life was no longer making any sense. I chose the mantra "Oneness," and followed my wise teacher's instructions. That is, "It may not seem like it's working, but just keep meditating." And so it is.

    • Mentor
    • Spiritual Director
    • Certified Health Coach
    • Reiki Master Teacher
    • Integrated Energy Therapy Practitioner
    • Aviana Mindful Touch Therapist
    • Certified Meditating for Life Instructor